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Lannocc Technologies is committed to Open Source


For an account please send email to open@lannocc.com.


A number of exciting projects are currently under development at Lannocc Technologies Research, and we would like to open up a number of our internal projects to the community. Stay tuned as we put our code through transition into an open-source license with appropriate developer support tools. Projects now undergoing this process include:


Technology would be slow to advance without support from the local community. Lannocc Technologies participates in the local community in the following ways:


Lannocc Technologies makes extensive use of open-source tools and believes in making contributions back to the greater community. The following is a partial list of projects where Lannocc Technologies has contributed development, financial, or other support:

Tools & Platforms

The following list of tools and platforms highlights some of the open source software used and recommended by Lannocc Technologies:

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